1000 day Steve

On Sunday July 15th 2018, Steve completed his 1000th swimming day in a row. Initially creating a year long challenge for himself as a simple daily reinforcement- to live a life that he was determined, wouldn't be defined by work. 

The rules of the daily swim were simple, it had to be within the 24 hour period, and to be at least 15 minutes long. While some international travel has made it a little trickier (a few hotel pools or late night swims against the clock) for the most part all his daily swims have been in ocean water, many of the sessions swimming up to 2km. 

With many obvious benefits of swimming everyday, fun and getting to socialise with great people has been an extra part of that. While it didn't initially set out as a 1000 day challenge, the days continue to clock up, and at this stage, Steve has no intention of packing away his swimming goggles.