Everyday Portrait Stories (BOOK HERE)

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Everyday Portrait Stories SS.jpg
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Everyday Portrait Stories (BOOK HERE)


Everyday Portrait Stories- celebrating and documenting the creative, human side of life.

This is a portrait session of a different kind. One part old school, two part capturing a tiny slice of history, three parts fun. With the prop of one chair, the rest is up to you.

Whether you bring just yourself, the whole family, or your pet parrot- the possibilities are endless.

Everyday Portrait Stories is a wonderful opportunity to come celebrate and document the creative, human side of life. However you want to be portrayed in that moment is up to you. Do you leave it to how you feel on the day or will you pose the moment? This is a tiny snapshot of your own story, (and promise, no cheesy smiles unless you want to.)

These Everyday Portrait Story sessions are held at The Fernery, Islington.


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More details will be emailed out closer to your photographic session. If you are booking in for a 3 photo ($60) photographic session, I will send an invoice for the remaining amount owing.

Any further questions or queries please get in contact.

Looking forward to celebrating and documenting the creative everyday with you!