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With a love for the human story and those tiny ordinary moments that make up our day; story telling and documentary photography was a natural place to fall into.

By using photographic narratives, those loves are heightened. Allowing an ability to show the true depth and intimacy of a subject, simply by taking notice of those gentle details that make us up collectively as humans. This is where the good stuff lies- the everyday, the odd and those subtleties that often go unnoticed (all just waiting to be captured, collected and developed into a gentle storyline).

With a combination of trust, a love of natural light and a good strong coffee, these stories, our stories, are told. Whether it's a tiny snippet, a captured moment, or a long reoccurring theme; small stories, tall stories and all the stories in between. Everyone has an evolving one and sometimes they need sharing. 

With three young kids, I'm often exploring many of my own emerging stories, however I’d love to hear from you; to find out about your story. If you have one that you would like explored, shared or perhaps have some collaboration/commission ideas, please do get in contact.

Packages also available for DOCUMENTARY- PORTRAITURE- SOCIAL MEDIA depending on your specific needs. Whether it’s documenting a special event or simply documenting a few of your everyday family moments, I would love to capture a small part of those gentle details that make us up as humans.

If you would like to find out more, grab a coffee, drop by and come and say hello via my contact page.



Previous and ongoing work has been featured in print, online, while also held in both public and private collections. Covering a variety of subjects from- community strengthening, birth, sustainability, food, commercial, and the ever alluring sea. Editorial work can be found via Earth Garden Magazine,, Organic Gardener, Pip Magazine, ABC Gardening Australia, Pathways to Family Wellness, Kidspot, and

Aug 2019- Highly Commended Mono Awards

May 2019- Finalist Capture Magazine: Emerging Photographer Documentary/Photojournalism AUS

April 2019- Semi-Finalist Moran Photographic Prize

September 2018- Print Swap Exhibition, Photoville, NYC USA

May 2018- Winner President Prize/Head On, Parliament (NSW) AUS

May 2018- Solo exhibition The Sunrise Swimmers as part of Arts For Health JHH (NSW) AUS

May 2018- Finalist Capture Magazine: Emerging Photographer Documentary/Photojournalism AUS

Apr 2018- Head On Finalist (Landscape) AUS

Feb- April 2018- Solo exhibition The Sunrise Swimmers, Newcastle, AUS (supported by Olympus Imaging Australia)

Feb 2018- Book release The Sunrise Swimmers

2017- Honourable Mention- Pat Skinner Award

2017- Sheridan Evans Art Award